About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of the Church (Community of Grace) is to reach the people of West Philadelphia and empower them, as mature Christians, to impact their community and the world through relevant Biblical communication, worship, a creative sense of community, family outreach, spiritual disciplines, and a philosophy of ministry based on God's grace. Community of Grace- A safe place to experience the goodness of God.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Church (Community of Grace) is to glorify God through six major functions: worship, outreach, community building, education and training, service, and stewardship. In worship we proclaim His Word, proclaim His Church, proclaim His deeds and offer praises of thanksgiving and adoration. In outreach we proclaim God's message of grace, salvation and justice to all people that, through Jesus Christ, they may be reconciled to God. In education and training we work to bring all members of the body into maturity in Christian thought and lifestyle. In community building we work toward building relationships within the community based on Godly love. In service we demonstrate the love of God working through us, by meeting physical, spiritual and emotional needs we connect with here and around the world. In stewardship we pool our resources and manage them to create an atmosphere where people touched by God's grace can glorify Him.
Core Values
A Commitment to a Philosophy of Ministry based on God's Grace. A Commitment to Relevant Bible Communication. A Commitment to Worship. A Commitment to Spiritual Disciplines. A Commitment to Small Groups. A Commitment to Family Ministry. A Commitment to Empowerment of Lay Ministry. A Commitment to Leadership Development. A Commitment to Creativity and Innovation. A Commitment to Excellence.
Community of Grace is a Christian church affiliated with the Churches of God, General Conference, which has its headquarters in Findlay, Ohio. The Churches of God, General Conference was founded in 1830 by John Winebrenner of Harrisburg, PA. The educational institutions of the denomination are: The University of Findlay and Winebrenner Thelogical Seminary.


Community of Grace began as a simple prayer, back in the Spring of 1994, when Pastor David accepted a full academic scholarship to Winebrenner Theological Seminary to receive the necessary education and training for pastoral ministry within the Churches of God, General Conference. His prayer was simply, 'Lord, I thank you for this tremendous educational blessing and awesome ministry opportunity. Please give Mary and me a vision for future ministry that You would have us do.' That vision is now emerging in real time in West Philadelphia.

Future Goals

We envision Community of Grace as a people benefiting from the grace of God and sharing that grace with others. We will endeavor to reach out to those who don't regularly attend any church. We will be an equipping center to develop every Christian to their full potential.

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