image Are you looking for something new and exciting? Community of Grace is a young church developing in West Philadelphia. This is a new ministry reaching new people for Jesus Christ. We have new people experiencing new relationships with God, new life, new sense of purpose, new family lives and a new community which is committed to helping them experience God's best. Come and start something new with us. And, be blessed because you did.

Community: 1. Similarity or identity. 2. Sharing, participation and fellowship. 3. Society as a whole; the public.
Grace: 1. Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people. 2. The state of being protected or sanctified by the favor of God. 3. An excellence or a power granted by God.
Community of Grace: A society of people who share, participate and fellowship in the divine love, favor and protection of God.

Where we are located

image Community of Grace is located at the corner of 53rd and Vine Streets. We are convenient to a number of Septa services. The Market-Frankford El; the 52 and 30 buses. There is street parking available.

Service Times

Sunday Service 11:00 AM

Children's Ministry 1:30 PM

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